Leveraging Over 25 Years of Real Estate Investment

Experience for Passive Income and Diversification

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Carolina Multifamily Investments is a Real Estate Investment and Asset Management Company focused on Real Estate Investment Opportunities for the Individual Investor.  

The challenge

It is well understood among investors that diversifying investments is great practice and critical in sustaining overall portfolio performance. The question, then, is which asset class could one invest in to add a level of diversification that is not directly affected by market forces like stocks and bonds are?



the solution

Income Producing Multifamily Apartment Complexes

Many Insurance companies, Family Offices, large Private Equity firms, and High Net Worth investors use income-producing real estate such as multifamily apartment complexes to add diversity against indexed investments.

These types of investments can earn consistent, passive income that is not affected by constant fluctuations seen in traditional investments such as stocks or bonds. Most individual investors do not realize that the same types of income-producing real estate investments used by savvy investors use ARE also available to them through Carolina Multifamily Investments.

Direct investment in income producing real estate is a great way to earn passive income while adding  diversification from the roller-coaster market cycles.

Like any other type of investment, private equity investments in real estate (also referred to as "Alternative Investments") has not only its own "language" but also very specific legal and structural components that are required for private real estate syndications.

To learn more about what these requirements are and why you need to make sure they are included in any syndication you consider, please request our free E-Book:

"Private Equity and Real Estate Syndications for the Individual Investor- A Guide for New Investors in Private Equity Real Estate Investments".

In it, you will find a summary of what a real estate syndication is, what documentation is required as an investor, and what requirements a Sponsor must include in their offering.