Real estate has consistently proven to be one of the most successful investment options available to the individual investor. More fortunes are made in real estate than in any other product or service. Think about the most successful people you have known in your life, chances are very good that real estate played a large role in their success.

Shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of the same types of investment opportunities that other successful real estate investors use? Well, now you can!

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To learn more about Carolina  Multifamily Investments and explore how to invest in our current opportunities, please request access to our secure investor portal below.


Carolina Multifamily Investments investment opportunities are being offered under an exemption provided by SEC Regulation D Rule 506 and open to accredited investors looking to invest directly in multifamily apartment complexes. Only accredited investors who meet the SEC Regulation D 501 “accredited investor” accreditation standards and who provide suitable verification of accredited status may invest. in this Offering. Our focus is on creating and maintaining investor wealth through alternative investment strategies within the multifamily real estate sector


Please carefully consider Carolina Multifamily Investments, LLC's investment objectives, risks, and associated expenses before investing. Real estate investments are not guaranteed or insured. Please ask questions and ask for more information before you consider any investment. Past performance, if any, does not guarantee future results; In the event, you subscribe after operations have commenced, the then-current performance may be different than the pro forma or performance data presented; The Company is not required by law to follow any standard methodology when calculating and representing performance data; The performance of the Company may not be directly comparable to the performance of other private or registered funds or companies; The securities are being offered in reliance on an exemption from registration requirements, and therefore the Company is not required to comply with certain specific disclosure requirements; The Securities and Exchange Commission has not passed upon the merits of or approved the securities, the terms of the offering, or the accuracy of the materials.